Before - Original Video

After - Restored Video

Grain (noise) removal

Old films are often unclear and “grainy”. We restore all your films and remove the grain using our new and unique restoration technique. This is a time consuming procedure but gives your films a new and fresh look.

Brightness and sharpening

We correct the contrast of the image and sharpen it for more detailed display

Image Stabilization

Sometimes, your film may have shaky images: vibration. We stabilize these images.

Color correction

Films are sensitive to time, humidity and temperature. Within the time, the color deteriorates. The film may look purple, pink or in assortment of many different hues and has loosened its details. Our operators manually correct every scene.

 For our film scanning

We use "state of the art"MWA Flashscan Nova equipment from MWA Nova GmbH in Berlin, a world leader in film scanning technology.

Equipments we used in the past: