Your 8mm, Super8 and 16mm films will be digitized in professional equipment which has been uniquely made for the transfer. That's why we receive superb result on our film transfers to DVD and hard-disc (format AVI).

Transferring film to a digital format is a process with many variables. Each point must be of superior quality to produce the best results. Our processes were carefully developed by experts in the field to ensure that your digitized film looks as good as the day it was originally shot — or better!


Video Cassettes specializes in professional conversion of VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, Hi-8, Mini-DV, NTSC or PAL, to digital. We offer DVD and/or external hard drive. We use professional VCR for our video transfers, giving the best quality possible.

We only digitize private (family) videos, no TV recordings or copyright materials. The minimum charge for video transfer is 1.0 hour.

Media / Platform

Once we have digitized your material we will transfer it onto a DVD, a Hard Drive or Flash Drive. We recommend to you to choose DVD to view your films on your television. If you are interested in editing your media on your own, we can transfer all your media to an external USB hard drive, which you can plug into your computer and manipulate, using the video editing software of your choice.