Estimate Film and Video Quantity - Cost Estimation

This cost estimation allows you to have a rough idea of the costs. The final prices are based on the exact film length. The duration (minutes) does not apply to 16mm films.

  Movie Films
8mm and Super-8
QuantityUnit PriceTotal Price
Film Reel, 15 meters
7cm, 4 minutes
CHF 27.05
Film Reel, 30 meters
10cm, 8 minutes
CHF 44.30
Film Reel, 60 meters
12cm, 16 minutes
CHF 78.80
Film Reel, 90 meters
15cm, 24 minutes
CHF 113.30
Film Reel, 120 meters
18cm, 32 minutes
CHF 147.80
Film Reel, 150 meters
19cm, 40 minutes
CHF 182.30
Video Cassettes - per Hour Hours:
VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8, Video8, Digital8, Mini-DV, DVCAM
- minimum charge = 1.0 hour
CHF 42.80
DVD discs needed
- Maximum 90 minutes per disc.
CHF 28.50
Additional DVD discs
CHF 17.00
Don't want any DVD disc
Copy files to hard disc or USB Stick/ per hours
- minimum charges = 1.0 hour
CHF 18.20
WD Elements USB 3.0 1TB HD
CHF 77.00
USB Flash Drives (stick) 16GB
CHF 19.40
USB Flash Drives (stick) 32GB
CHF 28.30
USB Flash Drives (stick) 64GB
CHF 34.70


Click here for more details on how to calculate your film stock

Sending cost: calculated according to weight
: We calculate our film transfer prices based on meters of film transferred. The films are projected at different speeds, therefore the meters is the only correct way of calculating the cost.

Videos: The video transfer is messured in minutes or hours.  Minimal charge from one cassette are 60 minutes. We only digitize private (family) videos, no TV recordings or copyright materials. The minimum charge for video transfer is 1.0 hour.
Possible additional cost:
- Film reverse on the reel  (9.80)
- Splice renovation  (5.50)
- Overfull Reel   (9.80)

Delivery time: 10-15 working days from reception of the order